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Solar garden lights

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Solar Garden Lights / Waterproof Solar doorplate lights / Solar wall lights,Solar fence lamp

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It is waterproof and will not damage the internal structure of the product
  • This solar lamp has an Android charging port and can be charged either by its own solar panel or by a charger
  • This product can be used separately, outdoor sunshine charging, indoor lighting
  • This product is installed with screws, which is simple and convenient
  • This product charges the battery by solar illumination

Product Details

[Product Model] : 4075

[Product Name]  : Five-in-one 88LED

Solar panels :  6V/200MA 1.2 W

[Beads] : 88 2835 beads

[Light source power] :  10W

Lumen :  600LM

[color temperature] :  6500K

[Battery] : 18650 lithium battery 3.7V/1500MA

Charging time :  8 hours

[Working hours] :  > 10 hours

[Induction Distance] :  3-5 metres

[Induction mode] :  light induction, infrared induction, voice control and remote control

[Materials] :  ABS When charging, the charge indicator lights up green and full of red lights. Equipped with 5 m extension line

[Switch gear function] : 

1. The first stage is pure light control mode.

2. The second gear is light control + induction.

3. The third stage is light control + induction mode + weak light mode.

4. Fourth stage light control + voice control

5. Fifth Gear Remote Control Function

[Switch] :  Toggle the switch

[Waterproof Grade] :  IP65

Product Size :  135*70*180 MM

[Net product weight] :  417.5g

[Box Size] : 140*75*185 MM

[Gross product weight] :  514.5g

[1/box]:  1 

[Packing Size] 28.5*38*56 CM

[Number of boxes] 30

UCWDK Solar Technology Co. Ltd.

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