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50W Amorphous silicon solar panel for outdoor use

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50W Amorphous silicon / Amorphous silicon solar panel / Car battery solar charger

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Can be used as back paint and film, low light performance is better than monocrystalline silicon polycrystalline silicon
  • The price is cheaper than monocrystalline silicon polycrystalline silicon under the same size
  • Not subject to photovoltaic anti-dumping regulations, no import pressure
  • Small size can be made, the smallest size can be customized 20*20*3.2mm
  • Laser lines, uniform appearance and beautiful appearance

Product Details

product description:

50W Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

Power: 50W

Current: 2.78A

Voltage: 18V

Solar cell size: 317.5x930x3.2mm

Solar panel size: 345x 990x21mm

Cable length: 3.2m


1. Mounting bracket x 2

2. Two-in-one connecting cable x 1

3. LED bulb, 4m cable x 2

4. Battery clip + J type plug x 1

5. J plug + DC connector x 1

6. 10A controller x 1


EPE plus color box packaging, 2 pcs/color box

2 boxes/carton

Box size: 380 * 93 * 1240mm

Carton size: 1255 * 205 * 395mm

Gross weight: 21.5kgs

Net weight: 15.2kgs

MOQ: 100 pieces

Please consult the latest price before placing an order.

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UCWDK Solar Technology Co. Ltd.

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