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How about solar power bank
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How about solar power bank

The charging principle of solar mobile power is to convert the energy of sunlight into electric energy and store it in the battery of solar mobile power. When the mobile phone does not have enough power, the solar mobile power supply transfers the power in the battery to the mobile phone.


For travel friends who frequently engage in outdoor activities, people on business trips, and people who frequently conduct field operations, they need to use mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and other electronic products for communication or entertainment in the wild environment for a long time. , Then there must be sufficient power, of course, you can carry a mobile power supply, but you must charge the power beforehand, but it may not be enough. In this case, the advantages of solar mobile power are shown. It can be charged at any time, and the outdoor practicality is stronger.

The main medium of solar mobile power: the battery of solar mobile phone charger is generally lithium battery, and the best one should be lithium polymer battery, which is safe and high-performance. The working principle of solar mobile power: The principle of solar mobile phone charger converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in the built-in battery of the solar mobile phone charger. When the mobile phone needs to be charged, the battery in the solar mobile phone charger will output the electric energy. phone charging.



Solar mobile power purchase guide: The key to the quality of solar mobile phone chargers lies in three points: First, the efficiency of use. The use efficiency includes two aspects: the conversion efficiency of the solar panel and the secondary conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency of solar panels, as the name suggests, refers to the efficiency of converting light energy into electric energy; and the secondary conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency of storing light energy on the battery after it is converted into electric energy. Second, the battery quality and capacity. The capacity of the battery is generally 1.2 times that of your mobile phone battery. When the built-in solar lithium battery is discharged to mobile phones and other digital products, there will be energy loss during the energy conversion process. The conversion rate is generally 80%-90%. The solar energy generated by the battery is sufficient for your mobile phone. Such a large battery can save you The phone battery is fully charged. The quality of the battery is also related to the service life of the solar charger. Third, the control circuit and protection circuit. The current solar cell phone charger products on the market are very complicated. The protection circuit and control circuit in it may be simple in design, or have poor compatibility, which may damage the cell phone or shorten the service life of the cell phone and battery. So the design of control circuit and protection circuit is very important. Solar mobile power charger-a good helper for outdoor sports. The size of solar mobile power is still relatively small. It only occupies three-quarters of the size of iPhone 4S, and it is very convenient for users to carry.

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