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4000 solar street lights illuminate the villagers’ night roads
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Workers install courtyard lights for Xintian Village, Sanyi Township Photo by correspondent Peng Qingjiu

"Look, how bright this light is! From now on, I won't be'blindly touched' again. Thank you County Charity for bringing light to our people..." On the evening of October 30th, You County Charity, Chengbei Community, Nanbin Street The 150 solar-powered garden lights donated were all lit up, like stars inlaid in the night sky of the village, illuminating the villagers’ way home and illuminating the hearts of the villagers, winning the villagers’ praise.

Chengbei Community has high slopes and deep valleys, and the distribution of farmers is scattered. When night falls, the entire village is dark. Villagers can only use flashlights and mobile phones to illuminate them with weak lights, which is very inconvenient and poses a safety risk. When it is possible to travel safely under the bright street lights like the city, it has become the hope of all villagers. Today, this dream has become a reality.

"This kind of solar garden lights uses solar energy to charge, does not consume energy, does not pollute the environment, and can work normally even in bad weather. Now, these garden lights are installed in place, which improves the appearance of the village and solves the difficulty of villagers’ travel at night. The problem has improved the people’s sense of security, happiness and satisfaction." said Qin Xuhai, director of the Chengbei Community Neighborhood Committee.

It’s late autumn and the night is getting darker, but Daba Village in Wangchang Town is still lively. Hundreds of solar-powered garden lights make the yards bright as daylight. Children play and laugh in the dam. Adults take a walk and make daily routines. The dark villages of the past are full of life and vitality. This is what the reporter saw recently in Daba Village. “It’s much more convenient now. When it’s dark, you don’t need to use a flashlight to go out. It’s safe to walk. The courtyard is bright.” Talking about the benefits of installing courtyard lights, villager Tan Qilan couldn’t help telling reporters that he still had to thank the village. The work team and the county charity association have installed the garden lights we have been looking forward to for several years.

A member of the Daba Village working team in the village said: “Most young people in the village go out to work, and most of them are at home. The elderly are at home. During the visits to poor households, I learned that the people are eager to install courtyard lights and hope that they can be convenient and safe at night , We contacted the County Charity Association and received these lights."

It is understood that the County Charity Association recently donated a total of 4,000 garden lights worth 1.12 million yuan to Nanbin Street, Wangchang Town, Sanyi Township, Daxie Town, Linxi Town, Xixin Township and other towns. The relevant person in charge of the county charity association said that in November, according to the needs of the township, the second batch of courtyard lights will be donated.

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